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The Judges

Ruthless Rhyme Competition Result

The judges have announced the 12 poems short-listed in the Ruthless Rhyme competition. All are now published, along with audio readings, profiles of the writers and judges and a selection of rhymes that deserve mention for being creative or ridiculous.

Ruthless Rhyme Competition

The 12 new rhymes were written by entrants to the competition that opened on 9th January, entitled Can You Write a Ruthless Rhyme? The challenge was to write the best short poem in the style of a Harry Graham Ruthless Rhyme, taking New Year’s Resolutions as the theme. By the time the competition closed on 4th March, we had received 65 entries from nine countries, including Australia, France, Germany, India, Nigeria, Romania, Spain, the UK and the US. The last one came in at eight minutes to midnight. A panel of 10 judges placed 12 rhymes on the short list, and these are the ones that are published today, including the winning entry by Angela Perkins, George’s New Year’s Resolution. Critical analysis showed that the most popular topic was losing weight by slicing off body parts.


You can read the following items by registering for a free download:

1.  Twelve New Ruthless Rhymes

2.  Profiles of the Judges

3.  Poems Worthy of Mention for Being Creative (coming soon)

4.  Poems Worthy of Mention for Being Ridiculous (coming soon)

Blog Posts

You can read or listen to the following items on our Blog:

1. The Winning Ruthless Rhyme by Angela Perkins

2.  The 2nd Place Ruthless Rhyme by Rosemary McDougall

3.  The 3rd Place Ruthless Rhyme by Elizabeth Francis

4.  David Jefferis reading A New Year’s Hobby by Elizabeth Francis, The Cat Kebabs by Sapphire Elisha and Healthy Eating by Elizabeth Sarah Pearl.

For more on Ruthless Rhymes and Harry Graham, see When Grandmama Fell Off The Boat.

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