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Third in the Ruthless Rhyme Competition

A New Year’s Hobby

Margot declared, ‘new year, new me!’
Her new interest? Taxidermy.
She caught and stuffed her children’s rat,
Posed on a plinth the family cat.
Their guinea pig she slit in half;
Her husband lowered his Telegraph.
‘You’re making quite a mess, my dear.
Perhaps just join the gym next year?’

After Harry Graham’s Ruthless Rhymes


About the Author

Having contributed a few short pieces to on-line magazines and to the student newspaper while reading English at university, Elizabeth Francis is in the early stages of her writing career.

After graduating in 2010, Elizabeth was employed as manuscripts assistant at a legal deposit library. She found the work compared favourably to a previous post in a mouth-wash factory and to handing out arrow-shaped flyers at Burnham station. She is delighted to be among the top contestants in the Ruthless Rhyme competition and would like to write more humorous poetry in the future. Elizabeth has many favourite writers and she likes several genres of writing, particularly short stories set in the 1920s and the sort of blog on which people enthuse about teapots and flowery dresses. The latter, along with an interest in ethical and second-hand fashion, has inspired her to keep her own blog at stylerummage.wordpress.com.

Elizabeth lives in Berkshire and writes for pleasure, but she would be happy to live in London and write for money as well.

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