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We work with a wide range of associates who share our commitment to producing books of lasting value and help us reach out to the world.

Katrina Power PR, the book publishing specialist, has achieved extensive media coverage for many high-profile authors including David Attenborough, Michael Palin, Gordon Ramsay, Ainsley Harriot, Mary Gilliat and Tricia Guild and has represented publishing clients such as Bloomsbury, Sterling, Chronicle Books, Dorling Kindersley, Mills & Book and Orion. She has managed campaigns for The Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Book of the Year Award, The Galaxy British Book Awards, The RNA Romantic Novel of the Year and the London Book Fair.

Twitter: @Katrina_Power

For us she is promoting Very Heath Robinson by Adam Hart-Davis, Foreword by Philip Pullman, and if you would like to know more, you are welcome to read her Publicity Plan.

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Friends Of The Earth

Friends of the Earth are co-publishers of Wild Britain: A Traveller's Guide by Douglas Botting. Their connection with the book arose out of a common interest in spreading knowledge of wild places.

FoE felt that their members would like the descriptions of wild places offered in Wild Britain and the other Wild Guides and that they would appreciate the underlying philosophy of the series. The aim of the Wild Guides is not only to inform back-packers, walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts about where to go but also to disseminate a deeper understanding of the rhythms of nature and so to increase support for nature conservation.

As the editor of FoE's Earthmatters magazine pointed out, there is an alternative to the conspicuous-consumption and fuel-guzzling syndrome of the plane-hopping summer holiday. ‘You can travel in a planet-friendly way and see amazing wildlife without leaving Britain,’ he writes. ‘Wild Britain offers a personal but very practical guide to Britain’s wild places.’ And in buying the book, he adds, ‘you’ll be helping fund FoE’s campaign for stronger laws to help protect our wild places’.

Friends of the Earth
The Printworks
139 Clapham Road

Tel.: +44 (0)20 7490 1555
Web-site: www.foe.co.uk

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Interlink Publishing

Interlink have worked with Sheldrake Press for more than 20 years, publishing US editions of many Sheldrake Press titles including Richard Olney’s French Wine & Food, Michelle Berriedale-Johnson’s The Victorian Cookbook and the Wild Guides. They also distribute a selection of Sheldrake Press titles in the US including When Grandmama Fell off the Boat by Harry Graham.

Interlink Publishing’s subject areas include world travel, world music, world literature, traditional arts and crafts, world history and politics and ethnic cooking. The group publishes under five imprints:

  • Interlink Books
    A general trade list of adult fiction and non-fiction with an emphasis on books that have a wide appeal while also meeting high intellectual and literary standards.
  • Cadogan Guides
    Guides to over a hundred destinations for the culturally minded, independent traveller, known for their outstanding research, practical advice and individual point of view.
  • Olive Branch Books
    Socially and politically relevant non-fiction, concentrating on topics and areas of the world often ignored by the Western media. Titles include works on a wide range of contemporary issues such as Middle East studies, African studies, women’s studies, religion and translated works by academics of international stature.
  • Clockroot Books
    Innovative fiction from around the world. Please visit www.clockrootbooks.com for a complete list of titles.
  • Crocodile Books, USA
    Educational and entertaining stories for children. Titles published under this trade imprint include high-quality picture books for pre-schoolers, as well as fiction and non-fiction books for children aged 3-8.

Interlink Publishing
46 Crosby Street

Tel.: +1 413 582 7054
Web-site: www.interlinkbooks.com

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