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Sheldrake Press are independent non-fiction publishers now in our 40th year. Under our founder, Simon Rigge, a partwork and series book editor by background and a bit of an idealist by inclination, we have built up a reputation for original, meticulously finished and attractively illustrated books. Our main subjects are travel, architecture and design, history and cookery, with gift stationery books illustrated by Kate Greenaway as a sideline. A belief in environmental conservation lies behind many of our publishing decisions.

An editorially led company, we aim to inform, entertain and persuade our readers. All our books contain a lot of text. Probably more time and money is spent on text than anything else, so you can be confident that what you read has been carefully researched, checked, edited and proof-read. Whenever you open a book, you should find your interest aroused and held. With luck, you will also be amused or inspired.

Authors who have contributed to the Sheldrake list include Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Frances Bissell, Douglas Botting, Asa Briggs, Robin Guild, Adam Hart-Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Tim Jepson, Miles Kington, O. S. Nock, Richard Olney, Elizabeth Poston, Philip Pullman and Malcolm Williamson.

Many Sheldrake Press books have a campaigning edge. The Railway Heritage of Britain is intended to draw attention to the wealth of architecture and civil engineering works left to us by I. K. Brunel and his peers, and to encourage their conservation. The Wild Guides aim to describe the natural world and engender a respect for its intricate web of interdependencies on which ultimately we all rely for our survival. The Victorian House Book sets out to prevent the architectural heritage of the Victorian era from being lost, and to promote greater awareness of sympathetic restoration techniques. This is done simply by showing how to renovate and decorate well.

Sheldrake Press started as book packagers, producing titles for other publishers in the UK, US and Europe. Since 1991 we have been publishing under our own imprint in the UK. International co-edition publishing remains a major part of our business. Past and present customers include Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. and Stewart Tabori Chang, Inc. in the United States, Firefly Books in Canada, Editions du Chêne in France, Calderini in Italy, George Westermann and Meisinger Verlag in Germany, Cantecleer in Holland and Nova Forlag in Norway. In the United States, Interlink Books distribute selected Sheldrake Press titles.

Sheldrake Press is an imprint of Sheldrake Publications Ltd.

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