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On the front cover of The Kate Greenaway Autograph Book are five sisters walking, framed by a pink marbled border and corner vignettes of flowers.
On the title page of The Kate Greenaway Autograph Book, a little girl perches on a wooden gate while five sisters walk in a row.
Alongside a boy walking toward a country cottage is a quote from the poet Austin Dobson, followed by a description of Kate Greenaway’s work.
Space for autographs is provided alongside illustrations of young people.
Section 2 opens with illustrations of a fruit bowl and two young boys looking up at apples in a tree.
Alongside illustrations of young girls playing is space for autographs.
A row of toddlers holds hands, while a family have a snowball fight.
A red-brick wall provides space to write down the names of close friends, with one brick filled in as an example.

    The Kate Greenaway Autograph Book


    As well as offering blank pages to fill with the autographs of the talented and famous, the book features a history of autograph collecting, advice on how to begin a collection and ideas on how to organize the album. At the end there is a Wall of Friendship, a section where the owner can record the names of close friends and family.

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    • Format: 160 mm x 120 mm (6 ¼ x 4 ¾ in)
    • Pages: 128
    • Weight: 0.23 kg (0.5 lb)
    • Pictures: 60 colour
    • Binding: Hardback
    • ISBN: 978 1 873329 13 9
    • Publication: 1999

    The Kate Greenaway Autograph Book offers today’s autograph collector more than just blank pages for pop icons and sporting heroes to sign. The book is divided into six sections, each beginning with a full-page picture. It includes a biography of Kate Greenaway and a short introduction which defines an autograph, narrates the history of the subject and gives advice on starting a collection. It ends with a list of Further Reading and a Wall of Friendship, a secret section which, unlike the rest of the book, you fill in yourself with the names of your closest friends and family.

    At the time of her death in 1901, Kate Greenaway had established herself as one of the most popular children’s illustrators of all time. She wrote, illustrated and designed all her major books herself, and also produced paintings, greetings and Christmas cards. In common with other books in Sheldrake’s successful Kate Greenaway collection, this autograph book contains a number of illustrations which are reproduced here for the first time since their original publication.



    Biographical Note

    Section 1

    Section 2

    Section 3

    Section 4

    Section 5

    Section 6

    Wall of Friendship

    Further Reading


    Kate Greenaway was born in London in 1846. By the time of her death in 1901, she was a successful and world-renowned book illustrator, admired by contemporaries such as John Ruskin. Her illustrations depict scenes from the mid-19th century and convey her nostalgic love of childhood, home life and rural tranquillity. Her work remains popular today and is commemorated by the Kate Greenaway Medal, awarded annually to a children’s illustrator for distinguished work.