The Kate Greenaway Baby Book


A Record of the First Five Years

Illustrated with Kate Greenaway’s beautiful vignettes of early childhood, this baby book has space for photographs, mementoes and personal notes. It will build up into a valuable record of your child’s growth and development from birth right through to the first term of school.















    • RRP: £14.95
    • ISBN: 978-1-873329-42-9
    • Format: 260 x 210 mm
    • Pictures: 60 colour
    • Binding: Hardback
    • Extent: 60 pages
    • Rights: All available except UK, US and Norway
    • Edition: 3rd
    • Publication: Nov. 2010

    A beautiful keepsake baby book

    When did your baby first smile? Or sit, or walk? Little achievements like these, if not recorded at the time, will soon be just vague memories. This book provides a perfect way to keep the fleeting details in one place, together with important information such as vaccinations and illnesses.

    Illustrated with Kate Greenaway’s beautiful vignettes of early childhood, and sprinkled with sparkly stars, the book has space for photographs, mementos and personal notes. It will build up into a valuable record of your child’s growth and development, from birth right through to the first term at school.

    This is the 3rd edition and 15th impression of a book that has taken the test of time and passed.


    ‘It's lovely to keep a record of how your child grows and develops. And now there's a sumptuous book which will help you do just that. The Kate Greenaway Baby Book has spaces for you to record all sorts of fascinating information about your child from birth to the age of five.’
    Parents Magazine
    ‘The beautiful creamy cover has exquisite proportions with just the right amount of space around the magical figures... In my opinion it is brilliant!’
    – Andrew Stahl, Head of Undergraduate Painting, Slade School of Fine Art
    ‘A delightful, uncluttered design.’
    – Rhian Harris, Director, V&A Museum of Childhood
    ‘The cover is stunning and its simplicity makes it very powerful indeed.’
    – Sue Woodford-Hollick, former Chair, London Arts Council
    ‘Fresh and uncluttered while preserving the link to Kate Greenaway’s original illustrations. It will stand out in a bookshop display as an item of quality.’
    – Geoffrey Beare, Chairman, Imaginative Book Illustration Society
    ‘A truly handsome volume which has stood the test of time.’
    – Karin Robinson, Picture Editor and Teacher
    ‘Classic, clean, but still with a nostalgic warmth you would hope for in a book like this.’
    – Luci Gosling, Business Development Manager, Mary Evans Picture Library
    ‘Beautifully presented… A delightful book, to keep forever.’
    — Richard Morris, Books Review
    ‘Absolutely lovely… a wonderful keepsake of your baby’s first five years.’
    – Sally Griffith, Ask A Mum
    ‘I love it! I can’t wait to start using it when my baby is born.’
    – Carol Smith, New Mummy’s Tips

    The Birth
    The Family Tree
    At Three Months
    Weight and Height Charts
    Vaccinations and Illnesses
    At Six Months
    First Christmas
    First Words
    First Holiday
    At One Year
    First Birthday
    At Two Years
    At Three Years
    At Four Years
    At Five Years
    Funny Sayings and Incidents
    First Drawing
    First Writing
    Going to School


    Kate Greenaway was born in London in 1846. By the time of her death in 1901, she was a successful and world-renowned book illustrator, admired by contemporaries such as John Ruskin. Her illustrations depict scenes from the mid-19th century and convey her nostalgic love of childhood, home life and rural tranquillity. Her work remains popular today and is commemorated by the Kate Greenaway Medal, awarded annually to a children's illustrator for distinguished work.


    The Kate Greenaway Collection is a range of charming stationery books, decorated with cameos of the finest of Kate Greenaway’s work. Beautiful and practical, produced on high-quality art paper with ample space for writing, the books contain rare Kate Greenaway illustrations discovered by a private collector. The books are perfect gifts for anyone who appreciates Kate Greenaway’s vision of innocent enjoyment and beauty.