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Digital Angst

We’ve been suffering a bout of digital angst. If you attempted to join our membership scheme in the past couple of weeks, you may have been held up by a digital roadblock. We apologize for this. As soon as we discovered the incident, we called in the engineers and they’ve fixed it. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of membership, you now can.

The digital terrain continually changes under foot. A year ago, to stop unwanted bots joining as members, we introduced an email verification system. This worked fine until, a couple of weeks ago, the major email service providers changed their policies and blocked all server-generated emails. If you joined as a member and attempted to buy goods from us at a member’s discount, you may have received a notice saying ‘Your account is pending email verification’.

At the risk of encouraging a return of the bots, our engineer has removed the email verification system and we are simply using a ‘reCaptcha’ button instead. Human beings will be warmly welcomed and the bots despatched.  

If you were thwarted when trying to register as a member or place an order, we are very sorry. You can join here. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us at ku.oc1716772995.sser1716772995pekar1716772995dlehs1716772995@seir1716772995iuqne1716772995 or call us on 020 8675 1767.