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Republican bunting at La Maison des Roses, Webbs Road, London SW

Jubilee Rhymes

Royalist vs Republican

A royalist simply through and through,
Fred turned his house red, white and blue.
It really was a sight to see,
All dressed up for the Jubilee.
But Mabel (maybe with good reason)
Showed inclinations close to treason.
Then with an axe found in the garden,
Fred refused to grant her pardon.
He smiled and said ‘Off with her head,
I’ll buy a corgi pup instead.’

After Harry Graham’s Ruthless Rhymes

About the Author

Angela Perkins is a 45-year-old legal secretary, married, with a 12-year-old daughter. For the last 23 years she has lived in Hastings and loves living and working by the sea. In addition to writing, she enjoys card making and also dancing, specifically tap and jazz (to a surprisingly low standard considering the number of lessons she has had).

Writing was something that Angela always intended to do at some point in the future. She started in earnest a couple of years ago, having suddenly realized that she had hit middle age and really ought to get on with it.

A great believer in the saying that everyone has one story in them, Angela was delighted to find that she apparently has more than one, currently having three novels in first draft and a fourth on the way.

The past few months have been very much taken up with writing short stories and Angela has started to have some success in competitions with these. Humour has a way of creeping into her stories even when she doesn’t plan it that way, and the Ruthless Rhyme competition, which asked for sick humour, was perfect for her first foray into poetry.

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