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La Dream 2

A Franglais Dream

The winner of the Ruthless Rhyme Competition is George’s New Year’s Resolution, written by Angela Perkins. George’s dream was to buy a little place in France, but Mavis stood in his way. A coup de something or other was required. To see how George resolved this petit problème, click here.

A Damn Close Run Thing

Angela Perkins won the Ruthless Rhyme Competition by a singe point, scoring 21 to Rosemary McDougall’s 20 for Good Intentions, a bibulous tale with a bleach-based dénouement. In third place with 13 points was Elizabeth Francis for her gory New Year’s Hobby. The two runners-up will have their rhymes published tomorrow. We will shortly give details of the judges and scoring system, announce which entries won honourable mentions for their creativity or ridiculousness and make available recordings of three Ruthless Rhymes.

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