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Adam Hart-Davis

Text, Pix, Action!

Adam Hart-Davis has delivered the text for our spring book Very Heath Robinson, the pictures have been laid out and the colour proofs approved. In a few days we’ll be ready for press.

Hart-Davis’s stock-in-trade is stories and he has a witty anecdote for all manner of things. In his new book on the absurdly ingenious world of Heath Robinson he tells how an asthmatic janitor from Ohio put together the world’s first vacuum cleaner to keep the dust down, how a wealthy socialite in Chicago invented the dishwasher to stop the servants breaking her expensive china and how the bikini got its name, to mention just a few. In Very Heath Robinson he brings all these stories together in a compelling narrative that sets Heath Robinson’s humorous drawings in the context of the times. You can find out more about Very Heath Robinson here.

For titbits from the book, look out for our Very Fun Facts on Facebook and Twitter.

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