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Colour photograph of the Yang Ming corporation’s vessel Y. M Wellness at sea, loaded with up to 700 containers almost obscuring the bridge.

Our Ship Has Come In

Somewhere among the 700-odd containers on board the Y. M. Wellness, owned by the Yang Ming corporation, was our consignment of Logomotive. We are glad to report that our ship has come in. It is now moored in Southampton and our books have been unloaded.

Screenshot of a page in the Marine Traffic website shows our ship has come in and is moored in the Port of Southampton.
We were delighted to find that our ship had finally berthed in the Port of Southampton.

The ship carrying the bulk consignment of our new book Logomotive left Singapore on 22nd October and was due to dock in Southampton on 23rd November. Having encountered severe weather, it was delayed until 27th November and again to 1st December. Its name appeared on the list of arrivals in the Port of Southampton website, but on the day it vanished. Then we were told it would arrive on 5th December. We visualized it anchored offshore day after day, victim of coronavirus-induced port congestion. Imagine our relief when we found evidence that it was alongside!

The consignment of Logomotive has been booked in to our warehouse and will be delivered there on Friday. Pre-ordered copies of Logomotive will be despatched next week, in time for Christmas.