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Gangster Pete

Gangsters, Goats and Greek Mythology

What brings a smile to the face of this cigar-toting stranger? Rubber feet, it turns out. Gangster Pete has rubber feet. If this sounds faintly ridiculous, you are at one with the judges of the Ruthless Rhyme competition. Some of the entries, they decided, while not ruthless, were memorable for their oddity or absurdity.

More Ridiculous Than Ruthless

After the results of the Ruthless Rhyme competition had been announced, and seven poems chosen to receive an honourable mention for their creativity, the judges added a category for a further eight. These were the rhymes they liked for their ridiculousness, not least in totally ignoring the competition rules. The whacky topics raised a few eyebrows, too, from the parking of goats to the inappropriate wearing of thongs, the plucking of chickens to the bibulous neutering of Adonis. Some had as much twist in the tail as a piece of string, but still had a good measure of rhyme and rhythm.

Poems Mentioned for Their Ridiculousness

Bob the Chicken Plucker

Mahatma’s Goat

Gangster Pete

Unattainable Adonis

New Year’s Resolutions: Preserving Traditions

The Experiment

Fishy Tale

Mrs Hood

To read the top three rhymes, visit our Blog. To learn more about the inventor of Ruthless Rhymes, see When Grandmama Fell Off The Boat.

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